Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What's in a name?!?!?

The other morning while dropping my son off at school, another mom noticed that I was wearing on of my many aprons. This one was nothing special.... actually it was a $3 target clearance find. Anyway, she asked if that was just part of my wardrobe. To which I replied, "YES"! I start my day by putting on my apron. To me, it's almost as important as putting on a bra. (Ok, for me even more important than a bra, because I actually NEED an apron!)

At any time, on any given day, I have a multitude of "things" in my apron pocket. These are signs of a mother, multitasking, in all her motherly glory. A half broken (or eaten) crayon, the matchbox car that I've stepped on at least 100 times, lip gloss, cell phone, house phone, change, tissue, a bobby pin or two, safety pin, maybe a sock, empty fruit snack wrapper...etc. You get the idea.
This is commonplace for me. It is usually things I have picked up throughout the day. This gave me the idea for THIS blog. IN MY APRON POCKET is a place where I can gather together all the "things" that I love and have "picked up". A place to jump "in" a find something you like to do or may want to try. (hopefully)

One day, I may just show something I have recently completed, or a recipe that my kids actually ate. I may showcase a fellow blogger and their accomplishments. This is a place where the crafty, and crafty challenged can come together and get ideas from other blogs for many many things.

If you want to contribute anything, email me, and I'll be sure to post it. I hope you enjoy being "IN MY APRON POCKET"